About Us

About Technology Gate

Technology Gate stands at the forefront of cutting edge technology research and deployment in the Middle Eastern region. We are a company formed of the best minds in the regional open source community with the support of experienced information technology and process design and analysis specialists. Our company was founded on a persistent belief in technology and open source as catalysts for development and competitive advantage, and we have positioned ourselves as the most logical partners for serious technological endeavor. We are partners for technology and success.

Our Vision

Technology Gate

has envisaged the need of these services before hand and has committed itself to satisfying and sustaining that need globally by exploiting new scalable services and innovations that could be aligned and integrated with organization strategy and surrounding environment. Through continuous research and development. Technology Gate will continue to provide the expected services in a high quality manner. Currently, we are building one of the most efficient cloud centers in EGYPT to serve Egyptian and non Egyptian markets. Our aim is to enable all information

Our Mission

Technology Gate

Mission is to help organizations increase this value by maximizing client’s efficiency and productivity. This is done by continuously providing the clients with up-to-date consultancy and technology. This is done again in a manner that keeps the client abreast of the vastly changing business environment, and rapidly advancing management and marketing techniques that aligns with the client strategy.